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About Me

My given name is Gail Tanner and some years ago I was initiated into the Satyananda yoga tradition and was given my spiritual name, Chintamani.

A law degree from Auckland University; a Masters degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University, California; and a Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Training from the Satyananda Yoga Academy, Australia are my formal qualifications.

Equally important, possibly more so, are the 25 plus years I have spent working as a lawyer, mediator, therapist and yoga teacher with people who are facing challenging situations relating to their health, family, relationships or employment. Working with hundreds of people I have developed a deep appreciation for how the twists and turns of life affect each of us, how we can learn and grow from these challenges and what we can achieve when we listen to our true Self - our intuition, our inner guru, our connection with Spirit.

I have spent many years developing my own intuition and learning how to integrate this with traditional western psychology and the ancient yogic practices and philosophy which provide a broader, deeper model of what it is to be human. This multifaceted approach allows for change and healing at a much deeper level within you and, as a result, is transformative and enduring.

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