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Being Me

Being Me encourages and assists children to develop a stronger sense of who they are, lifting their confidence, increasing their resilience and emotional literacy.

The Programme

The programme encourages children to look inward and explore and understand themselves from the inside out - their thoughts, their emotions and how these link to their actions. Then with this understanding, they learn some practical ways in which they can create positive change within themselves. As they become more familiar with how their inner world works, children feel more secure and confident in their ability to "be" in the world; their self esteem grows; they are more able to relate to others in a positive way; they are more resilient and less vulnerable to peer pressure and bullying.

Drawing on knowledge from several sources, the programme provides ways for children to understand and experience how their thoughts influence their feelings and behaviour; how strong emotions can be their friends, providing them with helpful information; and how, through the use of practical tools, they can create positive change in themselves and consequently in their relationships as well.

Programme Content

Programme content will be delivered through a range of media including:

  • Art
  • Language
  • Sound
  • Movement

The New Zealand Curriculum

The "Being Me" programme connects with the NZC's vision and embodies its values and key competencies through its focus on healthy individual change and positive relationships. Students will, in becoming more resilient and positive in their own identity, become more confident in themselves as learners, developing respect for themselves and others.


Key competencies will be developed, including managing self and relating to others and participating and contributing. Students will learn strategies to assist them in managing their own emotions and dealing constructively with a diverse range of people in different situations. These life skills will be useful to them in resolving potential conflict situations.

There are also explicit links to the health and physical education curriculum. At levels 1-3, the following strands are covered: personal growth and development, personal identity, and relationships. For students at curriculum levels 4 and 5, the relationships strand becomes the focus.

More Information

For more information or to enquire about bringing the Being Me Programme please feel free to get in touch with me.

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