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are offered to help you live more closely aligned with your True Self - the part of you that knows who you truly are and has the answers you are seeking.

Sometimes events in life can force you to wake up to the fact that the way you are living life is not working and has to change. Through circumstances such as a relationship ending, loss of a loved one, accident or illness, or loss of employment you are being urged to discover a deeper self awareness, to look deeper within for guidance, reassurance and a new direction.

At other times you may simply experience a nagging feeling that there is something more to life than you are currently aware of. You may feel a pull to “wake up” to your inner self and to live life more consciously.

As we come to live more in alignment with our True Self we experience greater happiness, better health and a sense of peace.

Seeking Assistance?

You may be seeking assistance because you:

  • feel a sense of emptiness or lack of purpose in your life
  • are facing relationship difficulties or the end of a relationship
  • feel your stress levels are high
  • have health issues
  • are unhappy, angry or depressed
  • are experiencing family or parenting difficulties
  • have high anxiety levels that are negatively affecting other areas of your life
  • have difficulties at work or have lost your job

Whatever is prompting you to seek assistance, you have taken the first step to improving your life simply by beginning your search.

From our work together you will begin to know yourself from the inside out and the insights you gain will continue to assist you even after our sessions are complete.

Worth the Effort

Living aligned with your true self is immensely freeing and empowering and well worth the courage and effort required for the journey. And although you can make a certain amount of progress on your own there comes a time in the search to better know and understand yourself when the objectivity, authenticity, skills and experience of a professional make a difference. Contact me if you are ready to get underway or would like to know more.

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